There are 5 different grades that students receive for PE. Grades are based on national and state PE standards, and align with the APS District SBPR (Standards Based Progress Report). The grading scale is based on a number system rather than a letter grade, similar to students' normal grades. 

Grading Areas:
 PE STANDARD 1: Demonstrates motor skills
• PE STANDARD 2: Demonstrates an understanding of movement concepts and principles 
• PE STANDARDS 3 & 4: Participates & understands healthy levels of physical fitness 
 PE STANDARDS 5 & 6: Demonstrates responsible personal and social behavior 
EFFORT: Students are also graded on their effort level each PE class 
Improvement Needed
No Effort Made

Grading Scale: 1-4
1- Student is having trouble meeting the standard and needs extensive work and practice to become proficient.
2- Student is close to meeting the standard, but still lacks some critical elements and must make some adjustments before proficiency is achieved. 
3- Student is meeting the standard.
4-Student is meeting the standard and exceeds what is asked. They are able to teach other students and constantly improving.

Trimesters (grading periods) are 12 weeks. Each trimester students will learn different motor skills, concepts and life skills, so we can cover our standards. Please be aware that during certain grading periods your child may excel in a particular area, but may struggle in another grading period because we may be learning or extending skills that they are not as strong or comfortable with. Please do not be alarmed if they go from a 4 to a 3 from one grading period to another or from 3 to a 2. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me.